I have curls

Jacki and our boys.I ordered more hair. This time I got blond curly hair. It’s longer than my straight hair and so much different than my usual style — but my mom and Tracy and John all tell me it looks good on me so now I have some variety. It will help to have two styles. Since I will be wearing this hair for another 12+ weeks, this will help with the wear and tear on each one. And I have to wash the hair every few days and while it dries (which takes some time), I will have a back-up style.

I’ve always wished for curly hair — just like people with curly hair wish for straight hair. For many years in high school, I had perms and bunches of curls. But that was 15 years ago, and I’ve grown attached to my straight hair. Now I have a chance at curls again. I guess this is the time to be daring and bold with my hair. What do I have to lose.

Jacki Donaldson