Chemo #3

Three down and one to go — with the two drugs I am currently receiving. Then I will have another 4 rounds of another drug. But I’ll just think about this round and that I’m 75% done!

Today the usuals were with me — my mom, Tracy, and Jordan. And I had my private room again which was nice because my three boys showed up too. John, Joey, and Danny came to witness my routine. Joey tried to understand what liquids were dripping and tried to figure out their destination. Danny pulled at cords, tried to push buttons, and rolled all over the floor. Thank goodness for the anti-bacterial soap we found as they departed my room.

After my chemo, I went to another location to have a stitch removed from the site of my port. It’s been a little irritated because one stitch did not dissolve properly. It feels better now.

My post-chemo walk today was in the form of a stroll with Joey to a dirt pile in our neighborhood. He drove his John Deere truck, full of little Tonka trucks. I walked beside him and then watched him play like he was at the beach. Now we are home. And I am hoping for a healthy weekend.

Jacki Donaldson