Kids are tough

Danny with no pacifier.I should take some lessons from Danny on mental toughness. I took him to the dentist on Thursday and was told he should not use a pacifier anymore. The dentist could see that his jaw and teeth were already affected by sucking on the pacifier and that continuing would make the problem worse. So we left the dentist office at 11:00 AM and he has not had a pacifier since. It took him more than an hour to fall asleep for his nap that day and a shorter amount of time to fall asleep at night. Yesterday he did better and today, he’s even tougher. He sometimes says “me-me” — that’s what he called his pacifier — and we tell him it’s “all gone.” And he moves on. It’s amazing that he is able to cope and manage without it. He loved it. He used it to fall asleep and he used it to relax. He used it in the car and whenever he snuggled with his two favorite blankets. It was comforting and soothing. Now it’s gone. And he’s fine. I hope to borrow from his spirit and move on despite what’s been taken from me. At least I know I will get some things back — my hair, my energy, my health. Danny will never have “me-me” again. And in a few days, he probably won’t know he ever had one. He is my hero — and he’s only 21 months old.

Jacki Donaldson