My hospital stay continues

It’s Monday — and I’m still in the hospital. Some of my blood counts are up but others are down. So today I will get a blood transfusion to raise my red blood cells. Maybe I will go home tomorrow if all goes well.

I got to see my boys today — after three long days. John brought them to a family room near my floor and I got to visit while wearing my mask. Joey said I look like an alien. He may be right.

Jacki Donaldson

6 thoughts on “My hospital stay continues

  1. John must be so jealous! He only looks like a dad but you, YOU look like an ALIEN 🙂 I hope the transfusion does the trick and you are able to return home tomorrow.

  2. Jacki, You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. What a reality check you are for all of us to what is truly important in life. Keep up the good fight, we are all pulling for you. CHD

  3. Jacki – I just heard a story about my friend who was in your situation (2 young boys, low blood counts, etc.) in 1999. She just kicked butt in a volleyball tournament in Virginia Beach (my old stomping grounds!!). You WILL get through this I am just so sorry it is happening to you. -KD

  4. Jacki- We are thinking of you and praying for you tonight. We hope that you can feel all of the support! We can’t wait to hear that you are home.

  5. Leave it to Joey to call it as he sees it ! Ha ! An alien ! Well, you are ” out of this world ” pretty ! :-))

    Love, Jane

  6. An alien ? Oh, I know what Joey meant … you’re ” out of this world ” prettty !!!! 🙂 Love, Jane

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