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New blood

I have never been a blood donor — well, once I was. I donated blood once at Kent State University while going to college. But I got dizzy and thought I would faint as the blood was being taken from me. Someone had to ring a bell and someone else came running with a special red chair and wheeled me away. I think I got cookies and juice and was saved. I never gave blood again. But today, because of all my dizziness and low blood counts, I received blood. One bag of blood has gone into my body already and I’m waiting on the next one. It’s been strange, watching someone else’s blood, 0+ like my own, drip into my system. It is definitely a gift. Maybe once I am well, I will try again to donate so someone else can receive such a gift.

I feel pretty well right now. I do have an allergic rash on my chest and back — it was determined that I am probably allergic to the antibiotic that has been dripping into me for the past three days. So the IV antibiotic was stopped and now I’ll take an oral antibiotic for a while. I’m hoping the rash does not get worse — and that I continue to feel well. I really want to go home.

Jacki Donaldson

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  • Jane Donaldson on 3/14/2005 at 9:59 pm said:

    A gift … indeed it is. There was a blood drive on the ABC station here in Orlando the day after Joey was born. I was so excited after having seen you bring that giant beautiful boy into the world, I went to donate to celebrate his new life. Like you, I got dizzy .. coke and jelly beans fixed it. If only we could fix your woes as easily, Jacki. Hang in there. The homecoming will be sweet.

    Love, Jane

  • Dell Hagan on 3/15/2005 at 1:39 pm said:

    Modern medicine is so amazing–you can transmit blood from one person to another! A reminder to all of us to do this if we are able! No more excuses. If you give during the month of March you even get a way cool retro MASH t-shirt :) I’ll be praying tonight that you get to go home tomorrow.

  • Ericha on 4/12/2005 at 1:18 pm said:

    I was with you the day you almost passed out at Kent giving blood. I think I even called your mom at the nursing building, who told me you were lucky to have an excuse to eat cookies. Thinking of you!

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