New blood

I have never been a blood donor — well, once I was. I donated blood once at Kent State University while going to college. But I got dizzy and thought I would faint as the blood was being taken from me. Someone had to ring a bell and someone else came running with a special red chair and wheeled me away. I think I got cookies and juice and was saved. I never gave blood again. But today, because of all my dizziness and low blood counts, I received blood. One bag of blood has gone into my body already and I’m waiting on the next one. It’s been strange, watching someone else’s blood, 0+ like my own, drip into my system. It is definitely a gift. Maybe once I am well, I will try again to donate so someone else can receive such a gift.

I feel pretty well right now. I do have an allergic rash on my chest and back — it was determined that I am probably allergic to the antibiotic that has been dripping into me for the past three days. So the IV antibiotic was stopped and now I’ll take an oral antibiotic for a while. I’m hoping the rash does not get worse — and that I continue to feel well. I really want to go home.

Jacki Donaldson

3 thoughts on “New blood

  1. A gift … indeed it is. There was a blood drive on the ABC station here in Orlando the day after Joey was born. I was so excited after having seen you bring that giant beautiful boy into the world, I went to donate to celebrate his new life. Like you, I got dizzy .. coke and jelly beans fixed it. If only we could fix your woes as easily, Jacki. Hang in there. The homecoming will be sweet.

    Love, Jane

  2. Modern medicine is so amazing–you can transmit blood from one person to another! A reminder to all of us to do this if we are able! No more excuses. If you give during the month of March you even get a way cool retro MASH t-shirt 🙂 I’ll be praying tonight that you get to go home tomorrow.

  3. I was with you the day you almost passed out at Kent giving blood. I think I even called your mom at the nursing building, who told me you were lucky to have an excuse to eat cookies. Thinking of you!

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