More drama

Last night I did not feel well due to a horrible headache (I’ve had one on and off for 6 days now) and I thought maybe I was getting a fever again. So I called the on-call oncologist before I went to bed and he told me that the fever alone, without other symptoms, did not indicate a problem. I knew my blood counts were up, and I’d had a shot that very day to boost them further, so it was not that they were dropping. Another mystery — the headache. He said he would try to get me in for a CT scan of my head.

I did not get out of bed today until noon which is when I got a call that a CT scan was scheduled for me. After the scan, I was to go get my blood checked and get another shot for my blood cells. So I got the scan and then went for blood draw — which revealed that my white blood counts are up to 58,000. They were 1,200 when I was admitted to the hospital. So I did not get a shot today and won’t get one tomorrow as planned. The job is done in that area. My other counts looked good too.

So my counts are good and I do not have a fever. But the headache is holding me back now. I have some medications to try — some over-the-counter and one for migranes. I hope it’s just a temporary condition brought on by stress and tension and everything that’s been happening to my body lately. I should hear the CT scan results tonight or tomorrow.

If it weren’t for my headache, I think I would feel good. With counts at 58,000, I better.

Jacki Donaldson