Preparing for radiation.
Ready for radiation

Today I had a simulation for radiation — which begins Monday and goes on for 6.5 weeks, 5 days per week. The simulation is kind of like practice for the actual radiation treatments. The key to radiation is delivering the same exact treatment in the same exact manner each day. So each time, I will rest on my back and my head will sit in a mold (made just for me). I have tiny little permanent tattoos (dots that look like moles or freckles) that serve as guides so the treatment machine lines up correctly each time. A therapist pulls and pushes me around on the table to get me in the right position. And in preparation for my very first treatment on Monday, I now have black and red markings all over my body. When Danny saw the writing all over my body, he said, “paper” because we tell him all the time that he can only write on paper (and not on walls, floors, furniture). He must be very confused.

Before today’s appointment, I had my blood checked again. It’s normal — and my white blood cells have dropped from 58,000 to 34,00. It appears that I will return the normal range of 4,000-10,000. And I appear to be healthy enough to begin radiation on Monday.

I feel pretty well — and my headache is mostly gone.

I am truly taking one day at a time now. Today I feel well and that’s great. But there is no predicting what tomorrow will bring — it could be a good day; it could be a bad day. I’m taking small steps.

My next step involves dinner!

Jacki Donaldson