Biggest FundraiserThe American Cancer Society people were grateful for the amount of money I raised for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. But I didn’t really do all the work — the 50 people who opened their wallets and generously shared their hard-earned money are the ones who did most of the work. I am grateful for these people — family and friends and friends of friends. They shared a total of $3,310 and made me the top individial fundraiser, second to a team of people that raised about $5,000. This morning, after the 5K walk, I was presented with a special keychain to acknowledge this significant contribution. I will carry this keychain with me each day and will never lose sight of why I have it — because of the support and love and concern that still flows richly in my direction.

Breast Cancer Walk.Walking with me today were my mom, Tracy, and Jordan. We traveled 3.2 miles together and joined upwards of 1,000 people in pink and white shirts. We saw women and men and babies and kids. We saw bald heads and short hairstyles like my own. We saw survivors and their friends and family members. We saw a network of strength and power and unity.

My strength comes from my own personal network of supporters and caregivers. My boys — John, Joey & Danny — who were in my audience today and are with me for every moment on this journey. My mom, Tracy, and Jordan — my female companions on this ride. My family and friends who lift my spirits, brighten my days, and endlessly motivate me.

Raising $3,310 is not my own accomplishment, although I was rewarded for it today. This success belongs to so many other people. And the American Cancer Society is not the only beneficiary. I am too. This financial gift is a tangible indicator of all the love and support I have circling me each day. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Jacki Donaldson

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I’ve been anxious to read your newest posting, Jacki. I was sure you would write after today’s walk. You have fought this disease tirelessly in many ways. Raising such a huge sum of money is a fantastic achievement. You’ve shown us all what strength and courage you have. What an excellent role model for your boys … all THREE of them. Love you, JP !

    There was a walk out my way today. I was proud to watch the people come by in front of the Walmart Super Store. It let me know that the fight for a cure is being waged every where, and on every front !

    Congratulations, Jacki !! 🙂 Love, Jane

  2. Jacki,
    The walk was a wonderful day for so many people! As I stood at the finish line, cheering all the walkers on, I anxiously waited for you to cross. When I finally saw you come around the corner, my heart filled with pride for all that you have done. I saw a beautiful simle on your face and knew that this day was another important step in your courageous journey! It was an honor to support such an amazing woman! Love, Christine

  3. It’s me again ! Just had to comment on your beautiful award. What a lovely key chain ! Even nicer than the pink ribbon one I carry ! Yours honors you, and it’s well deserved !

    The other picture is a treasure ! What a lap full of love you have !

    UTTS Jane

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