Today I got some answers. I learned that the bump on the roof of my mouth appears to be normal and is maybe just a swollen gland. My dentist says the tissue looks pink and healthy and the bump should go away on its own. He will check me again in six weeks or so when I go for a cleaning. If it continues to worry me, he will look at it again.

I also learned from my OB/GYN that I am anemic. My iron should be at about 14 and it’s 10.8 which is moderately low and is perhaps why my fatigue is so extreme on some days. I will take an iron tablet each day and will investigate this further when I see my oncologist in a few weeks. Otherwise, I got a clean bill of health from this visit.

My day ended with my sixth dose of Herceptin. Tracy visited with me in my private infusion room and the time passed by quickly — a blessing given that I’d been in the care of doctors since 9:45 AM.

When I returned home at 5:15 PM, I was greeted by Danny’s warm welcome as he raced into my arms, hugged my tightly, and flashed his oh so sweet smile. He brightened my day!

Jacki Donaldson