New directions

I am still writing every day — just not here on this website which makes me sad because this blog has been my companion for a long time. It’s been my link to family and friends who check on my progress, my best form of therapy, my road to discovery. But I have been neglecting this site because most of my material now appears in two different places — at the and See links to your right.

So please visit my new locations like you once visited me here. Much of what I write is personal and would have appeared here had I not been hired to write the same stuff elsewhere. I can’t pass up the pay — so my words and thoughts and travles are now chronicled where I am hopefully reaching a larger audience of readers who can hopefully benefit from what I have to say.

Until I write again here, I invite you to see where I am now — where I am because of this blog, because of the changing tides in my life, because of cancer.

Jacki Donaldson

NOTE: The Cancer Blog is full of posts written by many people. If you wish to see just what I’ve written, visit this link and all my posts will appear in date oder.