Funny how chemo does that

Funny isn’t the best word. It’s not really funny at all how chemotherapy messes things up. Interesting is a better word.

It’s interesting how I can no longer eat the food my sister brought me during each of my chemotherapy infusions. Tuna sandwiches from Panera Bread, gyro wraps from Pita Pit, and turkey sandwiches from Larry’s Subs will never again pass through my lips, because the last time I ate them, poison was sailing through my veins. Something about the combination of the food and the toxic solutions my body absorbed has permanently scarred some portion of me. It’s a repulsion, the feeling I have toward chemotherapy and the food I associate with it.

It’s no big deal that I’ve gone almost three years without these foods. There was nothing special about them, and I’m sure they weren’t so healthy for me anyway. Which brings me to these words of advice: If you’re about to begin chemotherapy, or you’re in the throes of it right now, consider eating the very foods you’d like to ditch from your diet. If your wish is to give up chocolate, or your favorite potato chips, or that high-calorie, high-fat treat you can’t seem to put down, this may be just the fix you need. Chemotherapy is one powerful force. It can kill cancer. It can kill cravings too.