Putting my feet up

Do you believe things happen for certain reasons? Is it possible, for example, that my mom felt lightheaded and leaned her head forward toward the floor on our flight home from Texas this weekend so that she’d see my cell phone slide out of my purse and in front of the seat ahead of us? And was another passenger’s lone shoe sitting in its exact spot so that it could stop my phone from getting lost in its travels to the front of the plane? I keep thinking that if this series of events hadn’t happened as it did, my phone would be long gone. And I’d have no idea what happened to it.

I think part of my toenail fell off for a reason. I think it’s a sign that I must slow down on my nutty exercise routine. I’ve been running every day and fitting in some core exercises and weight training too. “Take a day off,” family and friends tell me. But I don’t. I keep at it, some days hopping out of bed at 5:30 AM to get a rush on the day. I keep exercising because it feels good—my mood is so much better after strenuous exercise—and because I believe my body needs it, for overall health and for cancer prevention too.

Logically, I know my body needs some silence—this is what the folks at my gym say for rest—but something in my crazy head keeps powering me forward, as if a lost day will compromise all I’ve accomplished.

Something had to give, I guess. It was my toenail. I have no memory of an injury that could have done such damage (maybe the running is to blame) but part of the nail on my right big toe is just gone. It’s sore, that toe, and wearing a shoe causes a bit of discomfort. Running, clearly, would make things worse. I could probably get away with walking and I could surely lift a few weights but the one thing I love—running—is, I hate to say it: sidelined.

Maybe this whole toe thing did happen for a reason. Left to my own devices, I’d be jumping on my treadmill first thing in the morning, perhaps headed for exhaustion, a worn out body, a more complicated injury even. Instead, I’m forced to take a break and rethink my fitness approach, an approach that may not have been that healthy after all.

So in the spirit of this little toe intervention, I’m going to do what makes the most sense: I’m putting my feet up—at least for a day or two.