Not a bad deal

My gut was right.

I am fine, says my radiation oncologist and the resident who examined me during my six-month follow-up today. My appointment did turn up something, though: A referral for massage therapy. Not a bad deal.

On Wednesday, I will report for the first of a few massages designed to rehab my left shoulder and arm, the areas where muscles are twisted and tightened due to surgery and radiation. I’d planned to just live with my limited range of motion, the soreness I feel after physical exertion, the way my shoulder rounds forward. This can all be fixed, though, my doctor told me. Thank goodness for that.

Thank goodness for today’s clean bill of health too. I celebrated with a trip to Panera for a cup of low-fat chicken noodle soup with sourdough bread. A pumpkin muffin was my treat. A yummy day overall.