Something, every day

Bookmark me! And come back every day during this fine month of October, ripe with pumpkins and breast cancer awareness. I promise to post something educational or inspirational on each of the following 30 days. For today, here’s what I’ve got:

In three days, I will embark on my fourth Making Strides Against Breast Cancer adventure. Translation: I will run a 5K (that sounds so much more impressive to me than 3.2 miles), with one MP3 player strapped to my arm and a bunch of names written all over my body, names of those who have so generously donated to my cause. Would love to brand your name on a body part too. If you can contribute, click here. If not, I understand, bad economy and all.

Here’s to making strides in the battle against breast cancer, and to my finishing the race without a glitch.