“C” is not for cookie

Cookie Monster may say “C” is for cookie—although I hear a new, more health-conscious Monster may be cutting back on the sweet treats—but blogger Stephanie says “C” is for cancer.

Stephanie is 35 years old and has breast cancer. She has good news too—her recent lumpectomy went well, and she has reason to believe her cancer did not spread to her lymph nodes. She’s hoping her disease will be named Stage I and that her survival rate will number in the 90% range. Her pathology report is coming soon.

Go see my new friend when you can. Click here. You’ll like her way with words. And you just might learn something too.

2 thoughts on ““C” is not for cookie

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    By education and improve awareness breast cancer can be detected early or even prevented. Good Luck!

  2. I just found your blog and am reading away!

    I am a survivor too. Just getting my Hair back. Double mastectomy with reconstruction, DIS triple negative. I was diagnosed last January through elective minor surgery. I was undetected by Mamogram and ultra sound. Turned out I had it in three places in my left breast. One lymph node involved.
    I am doing well and started a blog in Feb and am also blogging for Mothers With Cancer.

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