Think before you pink

I’m not opposed to the color pink. At all. I happen to like it. And the fact that it’s associated with breast cancer is not a problem for me. I happen to like that my disease has it’s own color, and I truly think the color alone helps raise awareness—sometimes. Other times, the color pink raises red flags. Just ask the folks behind the Think Before You Pink campaign.

Apparently there are companies out there capitalizing on breast cancer by slapping pink on their products and generating income because of it when their products are somehow linked to the disease. Pinkwashers, these companies are called. Yoplait is reportedly one of them, asking women to support the breast cancer cause by eating yogurt made with dairy from cows that have been treated with the artificial growth hormone rBGH. There are numerous health concerns surrounding the use of rBGH, and breast cancer is one of them. Cosmetics companies: Same thing. They make products with parabens, phthalates, and other ingredients possibly linked to breast cancer. When they place a pink ribbon on their lipsticks, foundations, and powders, they become pinkwashers.

The Think Before You Pink people want you this October to do something besides shop for breast cancer. Read more here. I want you to simply investigate the pink products you want to buy. Determine how safe they are, and find out if proceeds really help find a cure for breast cancer. Then make your call. Because pink it nice. And if used for good, I say you should fork over your cash. That’s what I plan to do.

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