Hip Hats With Hair

One day, while in the midst of chemotherapy and walking for exercise, a neighbor noticed me and waved. A few days later, she told my sister: “That’s so great your sister didn’t lose her hair.” Ah, but I did. My neighbor just couldn’t tell because my wig was pretty darn deceiving.

My pretty-darn-deceiving wig came from a pretty great place called Hip Hats With Hair. I bought something called Underhair, which isn’t a full wig but this really soft cotton thing with hair on the sides and back. Hats, scarves, or wraps go on top. There are other products—the PonySport, the Scarfabulous, the PonyMode, and the SydneySwim. All made from human hair, these cool cancer cover-ups can be cut, washed, dried, and styled. You can even request hair samples and check out various colors, textures, and lengths.

These hip hair options are not cheap (they can cost hundreds of dollars) but for people like me, who want to look not so bald, price might be a non-issue. Looking like I didn’t have cancer was my issue. If it’s yours too, check out this pretty great place, right here.

Oh, get your doctor to write you a prescription for a wig and you might save some bucks. My insurance covered $40 for me.