Happy Love Your Body Day

Today is Love Your Body Day. We’re talking about it on That’s Fit, readers here on my personal blog are sharing what they love most about their bodies for my latest giveaway—click here, reveal your most prized body part, and enter to win a dazzler of a dress—and now, I’ll tell you what I love about this 38-year-old body that belongs to me.

To be honest, I’ve always been a bit hard on my body, generally wishing it was thinner, stronger, tanner, tighter, more toned. I’ve even gone as far as reducing my once-too-big boobs and tucking in my sagging-skin tummy. I explain my breast reduction as necessary for comfort—four pounds of heavy, dense tissue were removed—and I justify the tummy tuck too. Comfort again. After seven years, I just couldn’t deal anymore with the excess post-pregnancy stuff hanging from my middle. Comfort aside, though, I admit both surgeries gave me an appearance I wanted: Small boobs and a flat tummy, both better matches for my other body parts.

I love my boobs and my tummy now. Truly love them. There are other parts I love too—parts never reconstructed or enhanced, like my toes.

John told me on one of our first dates that my toes are cute. I agree. They look best in flip-flops, painted just right with my favorite really dark color.

I also love my hair. Never thought I’d say that after shaving off my blond locks nearly four years ago in preparation for the big chemotherapy fall-out. But my hair grew back better. And my hair stylist Trippe cuts it perfectly, which makes me love him almost as much as I love my hair.

Other parts I love: My arms, for toning up so nicely; my legs, for allowing me to run lots of miles; my brain, which is getting smarter by the day, thanks to second-grade homework and four tests per week; the whole darn thing, really. I mean, this body of mine delivered two whopper-sized baby boys and beat breast cancer too. I love it. Simply love it.

What do you love about your body? Name something. Anything. Your eyes, your ears, your lips, your fingernails. Surely, there’s something that makes you happy. Think about it, and share by leaving a comment, either here on this post or on the giveaway post, where you stand to win something pretty.