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  1. On my sofa, in the living room, nursing my son…that’s where I found the first lump. The second two I found the next morning while sitting at the table with my husband discussing getting the mammogram script for the first lump. When I realized there were two more I said, “I’m so screwed.”

    Tomorrow they may finally be gone.

    This was a clever and poingnant post.

  2. It was a total surprise. I didn’t feel it. Nobody couldn’t. I could feel other “things” in my breast but this was so hidden and it was so small that only the “exam” could show it.

  3. Also in the shower three years ago. I can still remember how I froze knowing deep inside exactly what it was: breast cancer. the aggressive kind. Today I’m an ardent if nervous breast-fondler:) And the shower will never be the same.

  4. In the bathroom mirror. My lump was so close to the surface that I could see it in the mirror. I had already had a benign lump in the other breast so I wasn’t actually worried at all. I just assumed it was another benign lump. I even laughed about it with my husband saying that I was just a lumpy girl.

    It was not until I went in to have it examined and they started talking about blood supply and lymph nodes that I realized I was in trouble. Now I look in that mirror every day. There are scars and my breasts look completely different than they did before, but I am still grateful to get up and be able to look in the mirror every day.

  5. Found mine in the shower too, about a week after my clean, perfect, normal, annual mammography.

  6. i didn’t find mine – a routine screening mammogram did…even the surgeon couldn’t feel it….

  7. In the bathtub. Home on a Fri. night alone. Enjoying the quiet. It was 3-4cm… and it was not there two weeks prior at my yearly physical. We all thought it was a cyst. It went from feeling nothing but seeing a little ” shadow” on the mamo… to the size a a large grape two weeks later.
    Her2+… and it had gotten in my nodes. The year before.. nothing showed on my mamo and ultrasound.

  8. Found mine in the shower – in October 2006 – pretty big. Mammogram in Nov said not to worry. I worried! Second opinion in February 2007, ultrasound, biopsy, 4cm spread to lymph nodes. It’s August 2009 and amazingly, I’m still here.

  9. Found mine laying in bed. Woke up last Jan. with soreness under my arm and when I rubbed it I felt a lump. I was lucky. It was early, just stage 1. Just finished 6 months of chemo, radiation and a lumpectomy.

  10. I didn’t find mine… the mammogram was “normal” Thank God my ARNP ordered an ultrasound to go with the mammogram…

  11. Your website is entertaining, inspiring and informative! I’d love to talk to you about your journey and inspiration as a blogger.


  12. I was in the tub last night lathering soap and found a lump the size of a golf ball. Went to the doctor today and he scheduled a sonogram. I should know something tomorrow. In the mean time, of course I’m googling images of normal breast cysts compared to cancerous just to scare me even more, and ran across your blog. Your blog has been an inspiration. Praying for good results tomorrow. Thank you for making me feel positive!

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