Dear Doctor

waiting toes
Waiting, 10.5.09

Dear Dr. Lynch,

You don’t know this, but tears fill my eyes every time I drive to see you. It happens as I head east on Archer Road, right as that big Shands hospital comes into sight and just before I plant my feet in your waiting room and begin contemplating the reason you and I know each other. These are not sad tears, though. They are “Gosh, I am so glad I fell into your hands” tears. They are simply my body’s way of conveying what words cannot.

Thank you, my friend, for rescuing me from the doctor who told me to toughen up when my blood counts numbered 700, for telling me Taxol was not the drug for me (I knew it wasn’t!), for signing me up for the hopefully-life-saving Herceptin, for fielding my endless questions and worries, for helping fund my run (your name on a pink ribbon, October 24), for giving me another clean bill of health today and for so much more.

See, words just can’t sum it all up.

It’s happening again.


In good health (yours and mine),


2 thoughts on “Dear Doctor

  1. I remember when you fired that oncologist, what Taxol did to you, and then how relieved you were when you’d describe your new doctor. A true blessing for you, your family, and for the rest of us who love you. Like me.


  2. Hello Jackie,

    I am a mom,sister,friend.. I want to tell you I am fully blessed to have come across your blog. I write about Fabulous things and I think you are Fabulous. I would love to write about you. Could you please e-mail me so I can feature you on my site. XO Heather

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