Pointers for Pampering the Princess


If you have breast cancer, consider yourself a princess. Well, if you’re a girl, anyway. If you’re a boy and you have the disease (it happens), let’s go with “prince.”

For the purposes of this post, I’ll focus on the gals, because heaven knows they are the chosen group for this hated disease — the American Cancer Society estimates that 192,370 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in 2009, compared to 1,910 men.

OK, so you’re a princess, and you deserve to be treated like one, and that’s why Denise Hazen is doing what she’s doing. She’s spreading the word for loved ones of breast cancer patients about how they can help. First, she’s got a book called “Treat Her Like a Princess,” where she spouts out wisdom on the following topics: planning for meals, scheduling help with kids and pets, hospital care, post-surgery support and celebrating friendships. She also lists helpful resources and a glossary of common terms used during breast cancer treatment.

That’s not all. Denise also has a rockin’ website, where survivors can tell their stories, you can order your own book, read rave reviews and more.

For additional information, feel free to contact Denise herself at denise@treatherlikeaprincess.com — I’m pretty sure she’ll do anything to help a princess out.