Bra Colors Take Over Facebook, Well, Kind of

Photo: morgueFile
Photo: morgueFile

Wondering what the meaning of those “Black,” “Blue” and “Pink” Facebook status updates are? I was confused all morning, figured I’d sort it out sooner or later, and then I broke down and did some Google work. Found out the hues represent bra colors. So, like every good Facebooker, I played along by peeking in my shirt and updating my status: Beige.

What I turned up on the Internet is that the purpose of this color thing is to simply raise awareness of breast cancer. Not sure how it all got started, but here’s what you should do if you’re a girl (or boy who wears a bra): Look at your bra, note the color, type it in your FB status bar, then feel those boobies. Just re-updated my status after my “beige” remark and wrote this:

So, while you’re peeking inside your shirt to see what color bra you are wearing so you can post it in your status update, go ahead and feel around in there, make sure there are no lumps. And if there are, call your doc for a clinical exam!

Are you game? Hope so.

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  1. For everyone asking how it raises awareness, how many people googled it today and heard about the issue of breast cancer? You’re here talking about it, so clearly you read or heard about it. Would breast cancer have ocurred to you out of the blue today? Likely not. But it’s been brought to your attention now, hasn’t it? Silly? Yes. Effective? Of course. And Josh? If you almost threw up hearing about bras, you need to see someone about that. Women don’t throw up hearing about men’s shorts. Get over it.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with the Ta Ta’s. What a great use of social networking. I think it’s sad that people are putting the idea down, and I would like them to think of a better idea and put it into action themselves. Sure, donations would be an added extra, buuuuut, donating to charities is a well-known thing to do, no one needs educating on donating, but they do on selfexamination. Even if it doesn’t conjure up thousands of dollars, it is a little reminder of such an important thing to do to avoid breast cancer as much as possible.

  3. In reading all these responses I applaud those who took this in a positive sense. Usually Facebook is just a time waster when people have open space in their days, but today it DID make people think about Breast Cancer Awareness. While the donations may not have poured in, I’m guessing countless females did a quick exam that is often forgotten about. I know I did. To all of your who take this in a negative light, shame on you. That great of a response with a median age group of people in their twenties is remarkable in todays day in age. As for the “message” that was sent around that I did not receive, who cares who started it. They were trying to do some good. Leave it at that. While there was really no reason to say to leave the guys out of it, most of them still knew what was going on anyways. As for the boy who is grossed out by knowing his mom’s bra color… grow up. To everyone else thank you for your time and God Bless.

  4. Awesome idea!

    I checked my chest, just in case (as we can get breast cancer too), and I love knowing what all my female friends are wearing (even those I’ve never met and may never meet.

    Makes me feel closer somehow…



    Founded 7/1/10 09:30am uk
    Please Invite your Friends and Family and show your Support
    Thanks,Kimberley Griffiths-Admin

  6. I quite liked what u said. Hope you don’t mind that I am reposting it on my blog.

  7. Support a great cause, include photos, would definately get more attention! Or make it fun and have a guy to the breast exam for you, I’m sure they would be glad to lend a helping hand! 😉 Ha! But seriously, as a guy, I run in the Breast Cancer Marathon, as my mom passed away from cancer fairly recently.

  8. 6.5 re: Mens Turn, nice try, but won’t work, you really think the guys would be honest about it?? Like who’s gonna say 2?

  9. Men should do the same with regard to prostate health by asking “boxers or briefs?”

  10. Off on a tangent— Personally, I’d like to see words like BOOBS and TATAS eliminated from our everyday language. It’s BREAST cancer not boob cancer. Look it up in the dictionary– a boob is a stupid person. Get the connection? And whywhywhy would we want to refer to our lovely feminine parts as STUPID?

  11. I Pray Gods proection for ever women out there it seems like the devil want to destroy but God will send his angels… to every lady out there that is dealing with this know that we are praying for you all… be blessed.. mikeB

  12. I am shocked after posting my color that I have offended some of my friends for doing it. I lost a dear friend to breast cancer and know a few others that are in remission. One of my fb friends really read us the riot act for posting this and that it was only a link for men as “bras=boobs=sex” and that they won’t understand the link. I was a little hurt but not offended by her remarks. I understand her feelings, but I know my friend who passed away would have had different feelings on the issue. Please, for those of you who have had this terrible disease, that we were not intending to be insensitive. I don’t have breast cancer, but have had my own health issues. I would appreciate any good intentions to draw attention to any of these problems. Thanks!


  14. I wouldn’t worry to much about offending anyone, they probably haven’t experienced someone close to them dealing with it. I have a “Boobies make me smile” wristband for supporting Breast Cancer. I’m sure some might take offense to it, but thats ok, most get a good laugh. 🙂 But yes, the color of your bra on facebook is a combination of sexiness/humor for a good cause.

  15. Hi every one!
    Well, honestly, even if I think that the fact that it raises awareness about breast cancer is a good thing, I should probably warn you about the origin of this phenomenon.
    It began in France, it was an idea lauched by a bunch of teenage girls who just wanted to see how fast a message could spread thanks to Facebook. But in response to a lot of men criticizing the stupidity of the game, someone decided to link it to a serious cause i.e. prevention about breast cancer. Honestly, sad as it may be, I think it was just a way of not being seen as childish and ridiculous.
    Here are the two messages I received these past few days (see how the message changes between the two emails):

    >(original mail) : “Nous jouons un jeu … ça va être amusant:):) vous écrivez la couleur du soutien-gorge que vous portez sur votre statut .. seule la couleur et rien d’autre! Envoyer à tous vos amis de sexe féminin .. NO MEN! Ce sera amusant de voir comment il se propage … et tous les gens vont se demander pourquoi toutes les filles ont une couleur dans leur statut”
    ==> translation “We’re playing a new game…it is gonna be funny :):) you update your status with the color of the bra you’re wearing…only the color and nothing else! Send this email to all your female friends.. NO MEN! It will be funny to see how it spreads…and everyone will be wondering why all girls updated their status with a color”

    > (here is the email I received the next day) : “J’ai un petit jeu pour toi ! Tu écris la couleur de ton soutif dans ton statut….Mais juste la couleur et rien d’autre ! Ensuite tu envois ce message à des FILLES UNIQUEMENT ! C’est une manière de donner un coup de pouce au mouvement pour la prévention du cancer…et surtout ce sera drôle de voir combien de temps ça prendra pour que les mecs se demandent pourquoi toutes les filles ont une couleur en statut…”
    ===> translation : ” I have a little game for you! Update your status with the color of your bra…but only the color, nothing else! Then send this message to GIRLS ONLY! It’s a way of helping to raise people’s awareness about breast cancer…and it will also be funny to see how long it will take for men to wonder why all girls updated their status with a color…”

    I’m not even sure if it matters to know where all this comes from, as long as it attracts people’s attention to such things as cancer but I think it’s quite fair and honest to put it back in its place by explaining that at the beginning, it was just a stupid game.

  16. If people want to have fun on Facebook that’s fine, but let’s not pretend this is actually achieving anything productive. Raising “awareness” – as if anyone is not already “aware” of breast cancer – does nothing in the larger war against cancer. What matters is whether we are taking action that will help prevent, cure, or treat cancer in more than a completely random and haphazard fashion.

    Five things that people could do that would actually be productive are:

    1. Call your Congressperson and demand that they pass effective heath care reform that makes it affordable and accessible for women to get effective screening and appropriate treatment if they are diagnosed.

    2. Register yourself on the bone marrow registry.

    3. Donate to an effective cancer organization, like Breast Cancer Action.

    4. Tell your general practicioner about how young adults can and do get cancer – 70,000 per year – as many general practicioners overlook the fact that young adult patients can get cancer.

    5. Learn how to use so that you can be well-informed about the latest studies and research on how to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.

    Perhaps someone can start a Facebook meme to promote these things, and then the media could cover it.

  17. So here’s the thing… I thought this was just a girlie thing and so I replied “NO BRA” but after reading this post i think this such a great idea,really takes viral marketing to the next level… love it and thanks, will go for a check up 🙂

  18. well i think it was a great idea. who really cares where it started. men think about breasts all the time, but the ones who should be(women) dont. i did a colour check and a breast check…so thankyou. and to all those beautiful women out there and to those we have lost to this disease, god love us all, and take care

  19. Hello! Im a girl from Norway that have begin to following you blog. I had a prosjekt in school where I found you blog, and now Im following every day! I really like you work! Keep going!

  20. I just saw that today was “the breast cancer game-day 3” where people were posting their shoe size followed by “inches :(” I’m not so sure about this part of it… but it is still a cute concept I suppose…

  21. I’m in the between stages of mastectomy and reconstruction with an expander inside so it’s uncomfortable to wear a bra at the moment. I put down on my facebook page that mine was transparent. Ohlala!

  22. I too was thrilled to see that women were talking about the color of their bras. I submit that most women aren’t comfortable talking about their breasts, and equally uncomfortable touching them to perform breast self exams. I figure that talking about bra color is one step closer to amuch more meaningful discussions about breasts; how we feel about them, what they mean in our lives, what it means to loose one or both of them, and the power they symbolize; both sexual and as nourishment for the newborn. If you are interested in these comments – check out the fan page for my film: Boobalogues: Our Breasts, Our Lives – or check the website: I linked your blog on the fan page – I like your posts and applaud your courage.

  23. I absolutely love this idea… I’ve also received another one to put your shoe size following it the word inches along with a 🙂 or 🙁 on your status are there anymore?

  24. There is this new television series called The Generations Project. This coming Monday  they are showing an episode about a Hawaiian woman who is a breast cancer survivor. Its a really amazing story.

    You can watch in online or on BYU Television
    It airs on Monday night at 8pm MST

    Here’s the show’s website.
    (Now showing on the website is a story about a young lady who traces back cancer in her family tree)

    I just thought you might be interested.

  25. I do not think that it is “bad” that Josh said he almost threw up. He is probably young and saw his own sister has posted it. I can see the back in the day ways of children. My brother would not have wanted to run into that about me some years back. lol that is how kids are, especially about their siblings. 🙂

  26. Hey guys!
    I’m a uni student doing journalism and i’ve got an assignment coming up pretty soon – i just wanted to know, especially from either Dushyant Bhandari or Lef if you actually know anything about who actually started it?? The one about the bra’s or the recent one about the position of your handbag that’s been floating around?
    Thanks 🙂
    ps. purple

  27. I don’t like that game. I consider it to be foolish! I can’t edven find sense in making the whole world know what colour of bra do you wear this day…… There are more things that you really should do in your life!

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