1/2 Marathon: Training Trouble

Photo: joey.parsons, Flickr
Photo: joey.parsons, Flickr

So, I’ve been training for a marathon (training: I love that word — sounds so athletic, which I am totally not), and it’s been going really well. Oh, except that I’m hungry all. the. time. which means I’m eating all. the. time. which means my number on the scale is not exactly what I want it to be. But hey, it’s temporary. Once I cross the finish line, I can back off on the hard-core stuff and get back to modest exercise and moderate eating.

Anyway, the actual running has been great, and I know I can conquer all 13.1 miles on February 14, because this past Sunday, I ran 12. And that leaves just 1.1 to accomplish, and I’m pretty sure I can drag my tired old body that distance to finish the race — well, barring any injuries, that is, which is why I’m writing this update.

Today, 4 miles was my goal. But not long after I started pounding the pavement, something like an ache or a pain twinged in my foot, and it wouldn’t go away. I mean, it did go away for a minute or two, but then it resurfaced, and there was just no way I could put running pressure on it. So I walked, and even that wasn’t pretty — it was all limpy and wimpy, and boy am I bummed. This is the first time I have not complied with the training schedule. Just a blip on the screen, I suppose, so I will take it easy today, and I’ll get back out there tomorrow, because I’ve got 5 miles of ground to cover, and I really, really want to run the whole distance.

I really, really want to stop inhaling food, too, so let’s just hope all my dreams come true, OK?

3 thoughts on “1/2 Marathon: Training Trouble

  1. Jacki –

    Go Jacki go! I can see your smiling face at the finish line already! Thank you for everything you do! You are an inspiration.


  2. Hey Jacki – just remember that not enough food in means you will consume some of the protein in your muscles which is not what you want. Don’t focus on the volume so much but do focus on the carbs vs protein vs fat equation. On the foot pain topic, I suggest you look at this great blog with over 100 foot pain FAQs. The link is Podiatry FAQs. Most foot injuries are quite simple to manage or address (that is not necessarily the same as cure tho’) so I suggest you see a podiatrist early in the game if the injury is hanging around. In my podiatry clinic, I see WAY TOO MANY people who leave it WAY TOO LONG to seek help and make the whole thing mush worse than need be. Good luck with the run…..Sandy the Podiatrist

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