Peeking in at Breast Cancer: Lynea

Lynea was diagnosed at age 39 with breast cancer following a “baseline” MRI. She’d had a mammogram 8 weeks prior, and her OB/GYN’s office pushed for a MRI due to family history, just so she’d have records to look at years from now. Forget years from now — the cancer was already there! Lynea is stage I, triple negative, and her treatment plan includes 4 dose-dense AC and 4 T. No need for radiation. Here is a snippet of her story:

First day of chemo, 2/2/10
First day of chemo, 2/2/10

I came up with the idea of taking pictures at the beginning of my treatment, at mid-point and at the end. I joked that presidents have their pictures taken to show how old they got, so why shouldn’t I have pictures to prove how bad it has made me look — or how well I did!

Halfway done with chemo, 3/30/10
Halfway done with chemo, 3/30/10

I think so far, I don’t feel like I look much different, although, unfortunately, I have found some weight due to the lovely steriods they give me, but I figure there is always time to worry about my weight later.

Just think, Lynea: one day, that tree will be covered with leaves, and your head will be covered with beautiful hair!

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  1. Please read my breast cancer story at

    We all need to be more vigilant and dispel the myths about the inadequacy of mammography and the use of the better tool of MRI.
    We are being misled by spins such as “gold standard” and “best tool availeble.” PLEASE read this.


  2. Great idea… I had 6 months chemo, surgery, radiation, and am finishing out 6 more months of Herceptin. I want to spread the word about a GREAT program called Think Pink photography that offers free portraits for breast cancer survivors. It was one of the best days during my chemo when I had my pictures taken- a day all about me and I was able to capture the “bald strong” time of my life. I am so happy that I have those pictures. Your post made me think of this. Love your blog by the way!

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