A Gift Idea and a Giveaway


There are a few reasons this post might please you:

1. You are a die-hard scrapbooker, and getting your hands on Creative Memories products makes you silly happy.

2. You’re a weekend warrior, slapping pics in books when a free moment presents itself (that’s me!), and so you always need some gear on hand.

3. You have piles and piles of photos surrounding you, and you desperately need to stick those things in books.

4. You care not about photos and albums and supplies, but you need a crafty little gift for someone in need.

I like No. 4 the best, because folks are always asking me to suggest a gift for someone newly diagnosed with cancer, someone heading toward a scary surgery, someone about to face chemo. I always say a candle, a book, some comfy socks. But I’m thinking this is a pretty grand idea, too: How about a small scrapbook with blank pages inside? A pen, some stickers, inspiring embellishments, maybe? Perfect for journaling a cancer adventure — I promise the act of writing it all down can heal lots of wounds.

Another idea: You create a book for your special someone. Add a few photos, some favorite quotes, let your imagination run wild. Need ideas? Here are a few.

OK, time to head on over to the Creative Memories website and browse around. (Be sure to check out these two options, my favorites: Paper Album Kit and  Faithbooking Bundle.)

Now, here’s the best part of this post: For every purchase made by a reader through my friend Mischelle (she’s a CM consultant), she will donate 20% of the order (before tax and shipping) to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And for every $25 you spend, your name will be entered into a drawing for a fancy gift. So, get this: If you order $100 worth of product, your name will go in the hat four times.

And what could you win?

  • One White Pearl True 12×12 album with white pages and page protectors
  • Tape runner (adhesive)
  • Scissors
  • Photo-safe black journaling pen
  • Blooms Decorative paper pack
  • Pastel card pack
  • Simply Beautiful Title stickers.

The prize package is worth $100 (before tax and shipping).  If you order online with a credit card, please make sure your orders are made through this link, and click on the wording above each item that says: Credit this order to my Host. If you wish to order directly through Mischelle, you can pay with cash, check or M.O. — but not a credit card. Regardless of how you order, please leave a comment here to let us know you’ve made a purchase. Just say something like, “I ordered!” That’s how we’ll know you are part of the giveaway!

And please note these few rules:

  • Open to legal residents of the United States and Canada only, who are 18 and older.
  • One winner will be selected in a random drawing.
  • No P.O. boxes, please.
  • Winners will be notified by email, so make sure to check next week to find out if you’ve won!

Ready to shop? We’re giving you two weeks (time is up Sunday, May 2, 2010 at midnight) — then we’ll reveal the winner!

Note: Mischelle dedicates her participation in the project to two incredible ladies in her life: Carmen Morrison (her my mom #2) and her dear friend Chris Overstreet, both of whom are battling breast cancer.

2 thoughts on “A Gift Idea and a Giveaway

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