Pink Hair Products, Good Prices

This is a really good deal — a pink flat iron (the GVP version) for $59.00, plus a free pink and black cosmetic case. Sally Beauty Supply is the spot, so head into a store near you, or you can order online. Your call —  just keep in mind, these are limited-edition items, and they’ll only be around while supplies last. Hurry!

You don’t have to get the flat iron if you need other hair care gear — there are pink traditional curling irons and blow dryers, too — I just have flat irons on the brain, because mine fell on the bathroom floor two days ago and cracked into a bunch of little ceramic pieces, which lead me right to Sally’s, where I got myself a shiny new one!


Don’t worry if you don’t have a hair on your head right now, or your locks are tumbling from your head, because it will grow back, and you might end up with curls in a few months, and you might hate those curls, and you might need to straighten them. That’s how it happened for me, anyway, which is why I crank up that iron every morning, and why you should get yourself one now, while the price is right.

I’m telling you, you just might need it!

1 a Minute


I told you yesterday that every 69 seconds, a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world. Some sobering stuff on this first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, huh?

So, what will you do to stop the clock?

You might want to start by seeing the movie “1 A Minute,” (in select theaters) starting October 6, 2010. You can also make a difference by sharing your story and spreading the word! Got some other ideas? Please share in comments.