Amoro Hope Bracelet Benefits Boobies

October is almost over, which means the big ‘ol cloud of pink that has been swirling overhead for the past month is about to go Poof!, and all those charitable contributions resulting from your pink purchases are going to slow way down!

There are still a few days to get in on the hoopla, though. And if you’re in the market for some jazzy jewels, this Amoro Hope Pink Enamel Heart And Pearl Bracelet For Breast Cancer Awareness could be the perfect score for you or a special someone.

Here are the stats on this 7.5-inch bracelet: Amoro heart tag, sterling silver toggle, AA quality, 8-9mm diameter pearls, hand knotted on silk thread. $79.95.

Plus, a $20 donation will be made for each Amoro Hope Bracelet sold during the month of October to benefit both the Feel Your Boobies Foundation and Young Survival Coalition.

Sunday wraps up the month — get your bracelet now!

Still Running From Cancer

I’ve been running from cancer for a while now. It’s because I keep thinking about all that research showing that five vigorous hours of exercise per week can cut my chance of recurrence by something close to 50%. I just can’t ignore such a compelling statistic, so I try my  best to keep pounding the pavement. Sometimes, the task is easy. Sometimes, it’s a chore. Today, I was feeling it, and so I ran, and ran, and ran. The end result? See below.

To chart your fitness feats on an Android phone (that’s what I’m doing) check out JogTracker.