No Cancer, Another Birthday

You know that Ricky Martin commercial, where the singer belts out a peppy happy birthday tune and states his wish for less cancer and more birthdays? Well, Ricky will be pleased to know that tomorrow — more than six years after cancer — I get another birthday! And while the big 41 won’t take effect until I wake up in the morning, the grand celebration took place tonight. It was a family affair, and there was a whopper basket of goodies.

And a delicious mom-cooked gluten-free dinner (sorry, forgot to snap a shot of my taco salad), plus beautiful cookie bars, which were not gluten-free, but everyone else loved them, and all I wanted was fresh fruit, which I got!

And things really knocked up a notch when my oldest child, who had banned all swimming this summer decided to take the plunge, because it was evening and he didn’t need sunscreen.

And then there was his silly cousin and her fancy pool hair, which looks something like a toupee, and a lot like Princess Leia when she parts it down the middle, which she did right after this pose.

And have I mentioned that I got a rockin’ camera for my birthday, which happens to be responsible for all these pretty pics? Yep.

I love my camera.

I love my family.

I love my birthday.