Colonoscopy — Normal

Yesterday, I had my first colonoscopy. The test was ordered to rule out malignancy as a cause of my recent tummy troubles. My GI doc was pretty sure cancer was not a culprit, but she wanted to cover all the bases given my history. And now I know — no colon cancer.

Something else I know — the test itself is a breeze; the prep, which includes near starvation for more than a day and the guzzling of a thick, laxative-type drink that can induce vomiting (in my case, anyway), is not so fun.

The good news, besides the no-cancer result, is that I won’t have another colonoscopy for 10 years (whew!). The bad news is that I still don’t know what’s wrong with my insides. My self-diagnosis, in the absence of answers from all my tests is either (a) something food-related, (b) something chemo-drug-related, (c) something scar-tissue-related due to past abdominal surgery, or (d) something pelvic-floor-related due to problems that have already been diagnosed.

Nothing like narrowing down the problem, right?

4 thoughts on “Colonoscopy — Normal

  1. Good on your for getting screened – and of course for no colon cancer. I hope the stomach troubles are soon sorted out. Maybe a nutritionist or some food sensitivity testing could help?


  2. I’m glad your colonoscopy went well, with great results. Anytime we get a clean scan is a good time, right?! I hope you find out the cause of your tummy troubles soon!

    PS- Update- Had my bmx on Oct. 22. My PS put in the TE’s and gave me a little fill in each side, but put in a little less in the previous cancer (R) side just so she didn’t put any extra stress on the skin that had been previously radiated. But she said the skin was healed so well and looked great! Pathology came back this week and all was clear! She also did sentinel node on the left side, which she always does when there has been a previous cancer dx. Everything was good! Bottom line-I am SO glad I did it. I feel like a weight (haha) has been lifted off my shoulders. Seriously just knowing that I don’t have my MRI/mammo/MRI/mammo appts looming every 6 months for the rest of my hopefully longggg life, makes me feel like I can breathe. I have all my drains removed and am going this coming Monday for my first fill. I am hoping to be finished and maybe have my exchange surgery around the first part of summer. Just in time for cute bikini tops;) lol

  3. I had my first ever colonoscopy yesterday and it was a doddle – nothing untoward discovered. The bowel preparation wasn’t too bad either; I’ve gone off the taste of citrus/lemon for the moment though.

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