Today, It Happened (Well, 8 Years Ago Today)

It wouldn’t be a proper day before Thanksgiving without mentioning that 8 years ago at almost this exact time, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember where I was standing when the phone call came in (in the kitchen, leaning on the counter), what I was wearing (a white, long-sleeve shirt and shorts), what I was doing prior to the dreaded announcement (managing the chaos of my little boys and a baby girl whose mom was busy at work), whom I called immediately after the devastation (John, who was at work, then my mom, who came rushing to my house), and the numbness turned terror that consumed my entire holiday weekend. Man, that was horrible. And while I can’t say that the days that followed got a whole lot better — cancer delivers some pretty crappy moments — life did turn around, and while I was not very thankful on that pre-Turkey-day 2004, I am way grateful on this 2012 Wednesday for the mere fact that I am alive and that these baby boys (ages 3 and 18 months in the photo) are now 11 and 9.

3 thoughts on “Today, It Happened (Well, 8 Years Ago Today)

  1. Ah Jackie . Your just what I needed tonight. I was diagnosed oct 2011 . Mastectomy, chemo , rads , ovary removal . I have 3 small children and have just started back at work . I have been so positive through all this so why do I feel so negative now? I feel more fearful than ever. I should be so grateful to alive but I don’t feel like that. Did you feel like this? X

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Yes, I’ve felt fearful, and the fear lasted a long time. For a while, I thought every ache and pain and bump and bruise was another cancer. But the years started stacking up, and then I started kinda forgetting about cancer (not entirely, but it did not consume my every thought). You are only one year out — give it time. When you reach 8 years, like I have, you’ll be the one giving someone else this same message!

  3. My diagnosis- Stage 1- came two years ago on New Year’s Eve day. Just going about my business- then wham- my life changed. Two surgeries and Radiation followed- I’m still here to talk about it. I tried to make something good come of it- while I was going htrough Radiation I designed an alternative gown to wear- called it “Radiant Wrap”. My 23 year old son encouraged me to go public- and I’m proud to say one year after we launched over 400 women nationwide are wearing my gown during their treatments. They tell me that it really has made their treatment time “just a bit better- just a bit brighter!’. That’s all I wanted to do- that’s all I wanted to share. Here’s my website if you want to share it with someone you love or for yourself:

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