I Don’t Care If You Know

I don’t care if you know about my breast reduction (34DDD > 34C), the two giant babies I pushed out of my body, my breast cancer, my tummy tuck (did I mention the two giant babies?), my stomach ailments, my pelvic floor dysfunction (did I mention the two giant babies?), or anything else that may seem highly personal and private. I don’t care because I’m an oversharer, and I spill my most intimate details because I just know there is someone out there looking for folks who have traveled similar roads, and I am happy, eager even, to share my roadmap, however choppy and confusing it may be. That’s why I’m here to share the latest in my medical saga.

Tummy troubles have plagued me for more than 1 year. I’ve been poked, prodded, scoped, doped, you name it, and nothing (NOTHING) has been presented to me as a cause for my discomfort, which two nights ago had me in such physical distress I was sure something in my body would explode while I slept (it didn’t, and I actually feel pretty well today). My next step comes Tuesday, when I report for a sonogram of my belly. My OB/GYN ordered the test on Wednesday, after he removed my copper IUD (my only option for quality, non-hormonal, post-breast-cancer birth control) just in case the foreign object, which has been in place for 8 years, is causing my woes. I guess he’ll be looking via sonogram for fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, something that looks just not right. If he finds nothing (his prediction since he likely would have discovered anything significant during internal exam), I’ll give the no-IUD scenario about a month; if that doesn’t help, then I honestly don’t know where I’ll turn. Well, I’ll turn to some sort of (maybe permanent) birth control, but the stomach stuff — no idea. I will surely keep you in the loop, though, because I don’t care if you know. Actually, I want you to know, just in case it does some good for you or someone in your life.

Note: Although my Paleo eating has not eased the gut pain (I was so hoping it would), I am sticking with this healthy diet because it makes me feel better overall, and I just love knowing that there is not one speck of processed anything in my body.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Care If You Know

  1. I would bet money it’s the IUD. I almost got one until I had at least 10 other friends tell me their tummy trouble horror stories. I hope that’s the answer for you.

    Remind me to ask you about your pelvic floor dysfunction. I’m having issues.

  2. Oh, how I hope that’s it. It’ll be a bummer that it took me so long to think to have it removed, but oh, well; better late than never!

  3. Oh, and the funny thing is that I’ve had this same IUD for 8 years, and prior to 1 year ago, I never had tummy issues. Hmmm.

  4. Hi Jacky,

    My wife actually got the same issue but after reading your post,you really inspired us.You keep on helping people in a mysterious way.


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