My Parts Are Perfect

Apparently, my parts are perfect — well, except for the few organs that have caused my pelvic floor dysfunction (but are not allegedly the culprits in my overall tummy turmoil). All else, though — flawless. Everything in the view of both endoscopy and colonoscopy were clean and clear, MRI revealed my pancreas and nearby organs to be healthy, tests of my blood showed no food allergies, blah, blah, blah, and today’s sonogram of my female stuff identified no abnormalities. “Perfect,” said the tech who did the test. I have a follow-up Thursday with the doctor, who maybe will see something the tech did not, but it’s looking like there just isn’t anything medically wrong with me. There is the IUD that came out last Wednesday — it’s my only remaining hope for explanation, and, interestingly, my stomach has felt great ever since it was removed. Now, in the past, I’ve gone spans of time feeling well, only to later have a horrendous episode, but wouldn’t it be so glorious if removing that darn copper thing was the trick? Ah, yes, it would be.

5 thoughts on “My Parts Are Perfect

  1. I hope that is the culprit! What is the word on the possible involvement of scar tissue?

  2. I hope that is the culprit! What is the word on possible involvement of scar tissue?

  3. The word on scar tissue is that I don’t have any that is deep enough to cause me trouble. I have some tummy tuck scar tissue, but I guess it’s just underneath the skin and not likely to cause what I’ve been experiencing.

  4. I most certainly hope it does the trick. Woohoo for you and your perfect parts! And I hope the fade fades with the absence of the IUD. I don’t know anything about IUD side effects, so that would be interesting to learn if it is the problem.

  5. Fingers crossed! Will keep you posted. Thanks for checking in, Catherine 🙂

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