Operation Booby Cache — Calling All Comments

We are newbies at geocaching, but we’re inspired to do more than find hidden outdoor treasures; we want to fashion our own cache, and we’ve already chosen our theme — breast cancer awareness. Of course.

Our box will look something like this (no pink!), and we are trying to determine what exactly we will place inside, besides the basics, like logbook and pen. We’d love your ideas — think awareness and inspiration, and tell us what compelling contents should fill the waterproof space (well, not fill exactly, but we’d like a few trinkets to send a message). We can even include takeaway items so that those who locate our stash can pocket a goodie or two.

OK — ready, set, share!

4 thoughts on “Operation Booby Cache — Calling All Comments

  1. I think little cards with *Myth Busters* about breast cancer on the front….on the back ways they can help or survivor quotes….

    a small Mammogram pin like Be a Film Star etc (check out zazzle for ideas)

    Key chains..

  2. hi there — i have found your blog inspiring. far too many of us find ourselves here, reaching out to others who have traveled similar paths. it’s so helpful to be able to share, and learn from each other. bc of your sharing, and sites like yours, i created mine, breastcancerrookie.blogspot.com as a way of maybe helping also. everyone’s story is unique, though potentially helpful to someone else. thanks again. all the best to you and your family. katy

  3. Get a guitar pic cutter and cut-out little pink pics. Everyone knows someone who plays!

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