OMP (Oh My Pink)

OMP, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! You know what that means, right?

Pink food. Pink drinks. Pink clothing. Pink jewelry. Pink golf balls. Pink baseball bats. Pink mugs. Pink ornaments. Pink sunglasses. Pink pens. Pink toilet paper. Pink … pizza boxes.

You  name it — pink, pink, pink.

And to recap what I’ve said before, there are certain reasons I don’t like Pinktober. I don’t care for turning items pink and marketing them under the umbrella of awareness in order to make a dime. I don’t love it when mere pennies per purchase go toward the cause. And, I am really bothered by how sellers slap pink ribbons on not-so-safe products while claiming to be hunting down a cure (Mike’s Hard Lemonade comes to mind — if you didn’t already know, as little as one alcoholic beverage per day is a breast cancer risk factor for women).

So, those are my beefs with pink. Otherwise, I’m not a hater. I like pink stuff. I have pink stuff. And, sometimes, I give away pink stuff. It’s not all bad. Just some of it.

What’s your angle on October?

What Breast Cancer Looks Like – Sherri Jo

Sherri Jo says, “Until I had breast cancer, I never fully realized what wonderful family and friends I have and how much I am loved. The outpouring of love and support I received was truly amazing. Every few days there was a card in my mailbox, flowers at my door, or something wonderful to cheer me on. People found such unique and creative ways to show their support for me and it made such a difference in my ability to cope with all the stress. One of my most favorite memories came from friends at my sailing club. On a particular race day when they knew I would be present, all of the sailors flew a pink ribbon on the back of their boat in my honor! What a site – to see 30 plus sailboats flying pink – just for me!  I felt loved and celebrated and certain that I would survive the fight against breast cancer. Never underestimate what a simple show of support can do to lift a person’s spirits.

My husband instigated the whole event so he got a few extra starts in his halo. I am a lucky woman to have such wonderful people in my life.”

Want to show me what you think breast cancer looks like? Please send me a photo that captures the essence of breast cancer, and I will display it here. Email to, make sure your shot is at least 450 pixels wide and tell me something about the photo. No blurry pics, please.